May, A Month of True Beauty

May, A Month of True Beauty

May, a month of true beauty! Spring goes into full bloom and our fantasies of summer come closer to being reality. Many spend hours in their gardens and yards, tenderly trimming trees and planting delicate flowers. With great care and  pride we prepare our homes for a summer full of family and friends. This May, I ask that you give yourself the same purposeful care.

1. If you haven’t had a recent skin check please make an appointment with a dermatologist and get your skin checked! I can’t say this enough, be like Nike® and just go DO IT!

2. Get your eyes checked! Yes, melanoma can also occur in the eyes!
Dr. Sue Devine of Devine Eye Care in Enfield, CT recently told me “Although rare, early detection is critical, the five year survival rate is 80% when caught early but drops to 15% after it has spread”  she also told me “dilated eye exams or ultra wide field retinal scans are critical is early detection. In her practice, they offer the newest technology known as The Daytona Plus and the cost of this scan is only $39 and can assist your doctor in detecting problems in the early stages. She also told me although not conclusively proven, many doctors believe that quality sunglasses that block 100% of UVB and UVA rays, help prevent melanoma in the eye.

3. STAY OUT OF THE %@#*!NG TANNING BEDS! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “BASE TAN” that helps to “KEEPS YOU FROM BURNING” and there is no such thing as a safe tan unless is it one that is sprayed or rubbed on! No matter what the former rocket scientists at your “health club” are telling you, they are and I mean this literally, dead wrong and they are killing you. And if you don’t believe me, you can ask just about any physician or Skin Cancer survivor or ask a child who has lost their parent to Skin Cancer. Each time you enter a tanning bed or booth, you GREATLY increase your chances of developing Skin Cancer and leaving someone behind.

4. Use Sun Protection! Get a good quality SUNSCREEN and then reapply! Get a HAT and  SUNGLASSES! Get UPF PROTECTIVE CLOTHING! Get under cover when the sun is at it’s hottest, seek shade or go inside. Be mindful and prideful of your skin, care for it like you do your gardens, your children and your friends and family. Do it not for vanity but for survival.  Do it for more beautiful May’s and more beautiful summers.

Skin Cancer is a preventable and prevention is power. Be powerful this summer, be smart and be protected!

With love and sunscreen,


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