DetectSun Hematite Bangle Bracelet
DetectSun Hematite Bangle Bracelet
DetectSun Natural Light Green Jade Bangle Bracelet - M. Mills Co

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DetectSun Hematite Bangle Bracelet

$ 119.00

Natural Hematitie with DetectSun Charm! We are so serious about Skin Cancer Prevention our bracelets come with a sun detection bead, to help remind you about your daily exposure! Windows without UV protection or an open sunroof, expose the skin to harmful UV rays, that can lead to skin cancer and will lead to premature aging! Skin Cancer Preventions starts with protection.

HEMATITE - Root Chakra - Awareness, harmony, balance, grounding, protection.
Hematite is a protective stone, it helps to absorb negative energy and calm in times of stress and worry. It helps to transform negative energy into a more positive vibration.
Aquarius, Aries

Strung on stainless steel memory wire to be hypoallergenic and tarnish free

6mm Natural Hematite

DetectSun™ Charm with SolarActive® color changing crystal

One Size Fits Most