Fundamental Skin Care

As a skincare professional, I often hear “I wish I had taken better care of my skin”. Usually, this refers to damage from the sun, resulting in brown spots, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Taking care of one’s skin does not need to be a costly expense or timely ordeal.  Be consistent and find products that works for you!

Cleanse Before Bed
Each day our skin is exposed to environmental toxins, dirt and dead cellular debris. Removing the accumulated debris each night, before bed, allows the skin to breathe. Using a cleanser that is gentle should leave the skin feeling clean but not tight. Toners are almost always an unnecessary step and often lead to disruption of the skins’ acid mantle. Disrupting this barrier can cause the skin to produce extra oil, as a way to compensate for dehydrating the skin.

Most of us will need a moisturizer, at least at night. Many studies have shown that anti-aging creams work best at night with your skin natural cell turnover rhythm. Peptides, Glycolic’s and Retinol based creams can help to increase cellular turnover and help to improve the skins appearance.

Facial sunscreen should be in everyone's daily routine, separate from moisturizer and makeup. . There is no shortage of amazing chemical free sunscreens- that actually feel so good -you will want to use them! Skin cancer and premature aging do not discriminate and can damage every skin color, male or female. 

Choose to age well.

With love and sunscreen,

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