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Fundamental Skin Care

As a skincare professional, I often hear “I wish I had taken better care of my skin”. Usually, this refers to damage from the sun, resulting in brown spots, wrinkles and sagging skin.Taking care of one’s skin does not need to be a costly expense or timely ordeal.  Be consistent and find products that works for you!Cleanse Before BedEach day our skin is exposed to environmental toxins, dirt and...

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What are you worth?

What are you worth?Are you worth TWO minutes a day? Do you feel you’re worth a minute in the morning to apply sunscreen and one in the evening to clean and hydrate your face? Aging-well is more than just lotions and potions, it’s about how we see and care for ourselves.Washing each night, not only removes the dirt and debris from our face but it makes us a priority!When we protect our skin each...

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